Visit Our Highland Cows

The Aikenshill fold of Highland Cows began in 2012, when we purchased three one year old heifers Erin, Leah & Sorrel from Kynedor fold.

Initially purchased as an alternative to buying horses for our girls, our fold has become an iconic attraction to our guests, the general public and many other travellers who wish to view the regal yet almost prehistoric Scottish hairy beasties.

Our first calves were delivered in September 2015, Leah now mothers Noe & Sorrel mothered Sive. 2016 saw further additions to our fold, Bertus & Sage. Unfortunately Sorrel passed away after the birth of Sage. We now have a 3 year old heifer named Katie Morag who joined our fold at the beginning of September 2016 and on Friday the 18th came Jimmy, our newest Bullock.


Cows Heifers Bulls
Leah Sive Noe
Erin Sage Bertus
Katie Morag Melania Dumnall Dhu
Annie Ivanka Dumnalliain
Caroline Flora
Sue Mary
Nan Sam
Rosie Heather